Built-in ESP(Electric Shock Prevention) will
keep you safe from electric shock.


SAVE more than
60% electric bill.
Advantage of ASEA
Portable Machines

  • Light and Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Good for DIY to Light Industrial Purpose
  • Heavy Duty(60% Duty Cycle)
  • No electric shock
  • Low electric bill



Light and Compact
* 160A : 8kg only

Digital control and Easy to use
* Strating welding current : 5A
* Good for thin to thick metal
* Can weld all kind of metal and electrode
(Aluminum, stainless and etc.)

No electric shock (DC 28V only)
* In-put : AC, 220V
* Out-put : DC, 28V

Low electric bill(60% Lower than conventional)
* Can be pluged in ordinary outlet, No need to connect to Main circuit breaker.
* No load voltage (Before welding): 15V
* Load voltage (While welding) : 28V

Heavy Duty(60% Duty Cycle)
* Conventional welding machine : More or less 20% only




Stick/MMA ASEA – 160A ASEA – 200A ASEA – 230 ASEA – 180A ASEA – 250A ASEA – 300A
Type Analog Digital
Input Voltage 220V/1Phase 220V/1 & 3Phase
Input Current 3Kw 5.4 Kw 7 Kw 5 Kw 10 Kw 15 Kw
Usable Electrode up to 3.2 ø up to 4.0 ø up to 5.0 ø up to 3.2 ø up to 5.0 ø up to 6.0 ø
Weight 8kg 9kg 16kg 9kg 17kg 23kg
Waiting Voltage DC 15V
Working Voltage DC 28V


TIG Welding Benifits

korw1 korw2
✓ Superior quality welds(You can weld 0.5mm – 4mm’s metal)

✓ Precise control of welding variables (heat)

✓ (You can adjust the current, up-down slope, argon gas time and pulse precisely)

✓ Welds can be made with or without filler metal

✓ Free of spatter a Low distortion

Advantage Of Korweld DC TIG

✓ Exporting more than 10 countries

✓ All TIC Functions available and adjustable

✓ Current, Crater, Pulse Up-Down slope, TIC & ARC)

✓ Digital control, Easy to use

✓ Very light and compact size(14kg-)

✓ Heavy Duty(Usable for all day long)

✓ You can plug in to ordinary outlets

✓ Built in safety device/ Temperature sensor

✓ Designed for tropical weather

✓ With torch a cable set(8m)


Input Voltage/Phase 220V / Single Phase
Working Voltage DC 22V
Output Current 5-200A 5-300A
Pulse Frequency 0.5 ~ 500 Hz
Up / Down Slope 0-3.0 sec / 0-6.0 sec
Usable Electrode Sizes up to 2.4 ø up to 3.2 ø
Weight(NET) 14Kg 17Kg


How it Works
Plasma Cutting
is a process that is used to cut steel and other metals using a plasma torch. In this process, the compressed air is blown at high speed out of a nozzle; at the same time an electrical arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning some of that gas to plasma.


Advantage of Plasma Cutting
  • It cuts faster; does not require a pre-heat cycle; produces a small and more precise cut.
  • It has a smaller heat-affected zone, which prevents the surrounding area from warping or damaging the paint.
  • It can cut any type of electrically conductive metal(the Oxyfuel process cannot cut stainless steel or aluminum).
  • Plasma cutting is a cleaner, less expensive and more convenient method of metal cutting because clean, dry air is used for cutting applications.
Advantages of KorWeld Plasma Cutter
  • Cuts metal with Air & Electricity only
  • High quality cutting with Lower expenses
  • Light weight but heavy duty (60-90% duty cycle)
  • Can cut all kinds of metals
  • Warning lamp for malfunction
  • Free voltage ; 220V / 380V / 440V at 1 & 3 phase
  • High Tech Pilot & Continous cutting mode
  • Torch and cable set(8M)


Plasma ASEA Air Comp+70P* ASEA – 71P
Rated Input Voltage AC 220V
Input Current 8Kw
Fuse 50A
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Cutting Capacity 8mm 10mm
Maximum Cutting Capacity 15mm 20mm
Weight 28Kg 17Kg
Air Compressor *with Built -in-Air-Condition